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2018 Fun Games
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Date: 2018-05-07
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  On the afternoon of May 18th, 2018, Guangzhou Showa Wuhan Branch held a fun sports event with the theme of “concentrating, innovating, not forgetting the beginning, and moving forward”. There are 10 participating teams in this event, and more than 300 people gathered together to fully demonstrate the spirit of uniting a family in Wuhan.


   The director of the Guangzhou Showa Wuhan Workshop Yamada attended the opening ceremony, and the deputy director of the gold factory announced that the 2018 fun games officially kicked off.

The Fun Games are divided into nine challenging projects and one team giant painting project. The nine challenges are: lucky collar, breathing power, tug-of-war, one-round lap, one-stop, ball-bashing, sandbag wars, Hanno Tower and rolling forward, let the participating players laugh and laugh, "passion , joy, competition, unity, and assistance are fully reflected in every team member of every team. The team giant painting is a collective project. Each team receives a small painting in the giant painting and completes the painting task, and then splicing together to complete a giant painting, fully reflecting the division of labor and collaboration, thus enhancing the employee's ownership. Feeling and cohesion.

This sports meeting is not only an activity to show the competitiveness and strength of employees, but also a grand event to showcase the style and spirit of our employees.

  I believe that in the future work, we will work together, dare to fight, not afraid of failure, and build a beautiful future for the company!

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