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The collective wage negotiation work in 2018 ended successfully
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Date: 2018-04-20
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  On the morning of April 19, 2018, the signing ceremony of the 2018 annual wage collective negotiation agreement was held as scheduled. The representatives of the employers and employees attended the signing ceremony. At the ceremony, the chief representatives of the labor-management negotiating parties, Zeng Yi and the general manager of Sheng Yi, signed the "2018 Annual wage collective bargaining agreement" and made a concluding speech on the consultation work this year. So far, the collective wage negotiation work of 2018 has come to a successful conclusion.

  In order to ensure the smooth completion of collective bargaining work, effectively protect the interests of both employees and the company, and achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win, according to the "Guangdong Province Enterprise Collective Contract Regulations", "Guangdong Province Enterprise Wage Collective Negotiation Guidelines", "Company Collective Contract", etc. In accordance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness, equality, voluntariness and consensus, in January 2018, the wage collective bargaining work of this year was initiated.

  Before the formal consultation, the employers and employees conducted extensive opinion collection and data collection, and exchanged opinions and discussions on the direction of the consultation, and initially determined the direction of consultation this year. On April 10, 2018, a formal communication meeting on collective wage negotiations was held. Representatives of both employers and employees conducted full communication and exchanges on the direction and content of the consultation, and finally reached a consensus. After the consultation meeting, the representatives of the employer and the employee respectively communicated and explained the contents of the consultations between the employees and the management. On April 16, 2018, the employee representative assembly was successfully convened, and the draft collective bargaining agreement was voted on. The draft collective bargaining agreement for wages; after the signing of the agreement, it will be officially effective after being submitted to the labor department for filing and review.

  The entire wage collective bargaining work strictly fulfills the statutory negotiation procedures and democratic procedures, which guarantees the steady growth of the staff level, and creates a win-win situation for employees and enterprises through the distribution of “creating benefits and sharing results” and building harmony. The labor relationship has promoted the healthy development of the company.

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