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Shock Absorber Series - Strut Shock Absorber - Conventional

Shock Absorber Series - Strut Shock Absorber - Conventional
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  The shock absorber is mounted between the body and the tire together with the spring. The elasticity of the spring is used to cushion the impact from the road surface, and because the spring has a restoring reducing force, the vehicle body vibrates. Therefore, the device that absorbs this vibration is called a "shock absorber", and its viscous resistance is called "reduction power". The shock absorber not only enhances the comfort during riding, but also controls the posture of the body and the stability of driving. It is an important component that determines the characteristics of a car.


  Made from a double barrel that acts as part of the suspension support structure. Double wishbone damper

  The same, injecting low-pressure nitrogen, has a shock absorber that is flexible, light and stable.

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